Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lyfe Must Be Nice

It was the summer of 2005, I had not heard about Lyfe Jennings. Until my aunt/big sister introduced me to his new song “Must Be Nice.” I am one of those anti-radio folks so I was missing out. But, from first listen, I was hooked. When “268-192” (his debut cd) came out, I had to get it. I fell more in love with this man with the unique voice and real life lyrics. I played this cd OUT that summer. I made all of my friends fans by default. If you were around/with me, you were hearing this cd. In early August, he came here for his first concert @ the HOB. We were there…early. He gave an incredible show. We also got to meet him after his meet and greet. He just hung out with us for like 20 minutes talking. I told him that I loved the show but he didn’t sing my song. He asked whatsong? I said “Cry.” He replied “Well, I’ll make sure I sing it tomorrow night and I’ll put you guys on the list so you can hear it.” Good dude. He signed autographs and took pics. But, thanks to that heffa Katrina, I lost all of that.

Fast forward to almost ten years later, same venue, same performer. We were here to see our guy. He did not disappoint. His stage show is better, more polished. That voice is still amazing. Lyfe had the entire place going crazy as he went through his hits and the sleepers that only true fans would know. And, we all did. He was so engaging. He kept saying that this felt like a family reunion and that he loved New Orleans. And he was just as cool off stage. It was a really great ending to a crappy day. So glad I didn’t let me day determine my mood for the night. If you’ve never seen him live, do yourself a favor and catch a show. You will not be disappointed.

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