Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ladies Love Lyrics: Lyfe Jennings "It Coulda Been Worse"

Thursday night I attended the Lyfe Jennings concert at the House of Blues. I am a fan of this guy. Have been since the summer of 2005. He performed "It Coulda Been Worse" as his final song. And, sometimes you finally get the lyrics of a song. This happened to me. I needed to hear that things could be worse. I needed to know that I can be down and not out. I dropped a few tears right there. This song moved me seriously. So, I wanted to share it with others. One of you may need to hear this as well. Get into these lyrics. 

"I was going through some changes in my life.Cussing and complaining every night.Telling God the way he treating me ain't right, and how I don't deserve it.A voice from somewhere came to me and said you got the audacity to fix your mouth to disrespect, how soon we forget.

And he said remember when you were sick and you got better, remember I put your family back together, remember I could have cut you off forever.So no matter how bad you think it hurts.

It could've been worse, you could've been dead.You could've been paralyzed, confined to a bed.You could've lost everything, you should've lost everything.But somebody's watching you, and gave you another chance."

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