Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random Thoughts

* I've made more of an effort to sticking to reading the Bible on a daily basis. I was completely enthralled with the book of Matthew and the book of Joshua has my attention now. I feel enlightened in my spiritual journey.

* I've decided to stop worrying so much. In the last week, I was so worried about a situation that is out of my control that I felt physically I'll. That's not healthy for me. So, I'm letting go & letting God.

* I feel like the future that I pctured for myself is still obtainable. That makes me smile with my heart, seriously!

* The romantic in me seems to be winning the tug of war from the pessimist in And, I'm ok with that.

* I realize that I'm really wrapped up in a certain situation. I don't see a thing wrong with that thoug.

* I really need to start writing @ least 500 words a day. I know I have a book or 5 inside of my head & heart. I just need to focus on that.

* I'm also trying to curb my bad being bossy and uber sarcastic and the like. I'm a work in progress though.

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