Saturday, September 24, 2011

Let's Discuss "Grey's Anatomy's" Cristina Yang

For some strange reasons, I love medical dramas. I was an avid fan of "ER" from the beginning to end. The same goes for "Grey's Anatomy." Well, except the season after they fired Isiah Washington for something so dumb. From inception, I have not been a big fan of the character Cristina Yang. She is an odd woman to me. I have never agreed with her actions or the reckless things she always says. She just isn't a lovable character. I tolerate her. Barely. She is portrayed as very cold, and stoic. She only seems to warm up to Meredith Grey and her husband Owen. In general, she is a great doctor but not so much a great person.

Thursday night's season premiere was full of many shocking moments. Before I get into them, let's talk background information for a minute. Cristina has had two great love stories. One ended when her fiance' left her at the alter. The second one is ongoing. She married another brilliant surgeon. Their relationship and marriage is very unorthodox and strange. There were many reasons as to why these two individuals should not have gotten married. but alas, they did. Trouble followed closely behind the "I do's." Cristina has never wanted kids. She got pregnant by her first boyfriend. She scheduled an abortion without telling him. She ending up not having the abortion but only because she had a tubal pregnancy. She lost the baby.

Cut to the end of last season, this married, brilliant doctor got pregnant by her husband. Two great doctors who are married and have different ideas about kids did not take any precautions to prevent pregnancy. What? Seriously people?? The two of them should be better at preventative measures. They weren't. Cristina found out she was pregnant on last season's finale. Her husband Owen was over the moon happy. She was clearly not. She proclaimed, without an discussion, that she was having an abortion. She did not give him a choice. She made a decision without any thought. How freaking selfish?? I cannot believe that a grown woman who has already had an unplanned pregnancy would allow herself to end up in the same predicament. And, that she would make the same choice to end it. Owen finally gave in and went with her to have the procedure done. I do not like this storyline.

I am disgusted with the way all of this has played out so far. I do not believe in abortions. Well, let me say that for myself I am 100% Pro-Life. That has always been my stance. I'm sure my Mom has a lot to do with that. Since before I was sexually active, she made sure I knew all of my options. She also let me know that abortion wasn't one of them. I respected her for having such strong convictions on the subject. For everyone else, I am Pro-Choice. I believe in what I believe in. I respect other's beliefs as well. I just don't want anyone pushing their agenda and beliefs on me. I am a 31 year old woman. I am pretty sure my mind is set on many things.

The Cristina/Owen storyline is just unrealistic to me. Having children is a big ticket idea when discussing marriage. It is essentially a deal breaker. I know I could not marry a man who didn't want to have kids because I definitely do. It's one thing I will not budge on. I also wouldn't want to talk a man into having kids. That would not end well. I guess I'm just really surprised the writers went in that direction. I also cannot wait to see what the fallout from this decision will be. I am positive it will be the breaking point of their marriage. When you want to have kids, it is not something that you can suppress for long. I will be watching to see what develops.


  1. I haven't watched Grey's Anatomy since the season premiere after the shooting episode so I'm not exactly caught up on everything but how lame of Christina to get an abortion without talking to Owen about it! I always liked Christina for her sarcastic humor but she does tend to take her attitude to another level. I hope there is a better storyline for them in the future because I really like them together.

    And I totally agree with you on abortions. Pregnancy can be so easily prevented that it shouldn't be used as a form of birth control (unless it's for rape or medical reasons).

  2. @Black Butterfly - Hey Girl! Thanks for reading and commenting! Cristina is an odd character. While I can appreciate her sarcasm, I cannot get with how clinical she can be. This storyline turns my stomach. I am curious as to what the future will be for her and Owen. Yeah, pregnancy is 100% preventable and abortion is NOT a form of birth control.